Problems And Solutions

Anticipated Problems Faced By A Blind Teacher Aand Their Possible Solutions

Problems Solutions

1. Not being able to read textbooks/teaching materials without Braille or electronic copies

A. Have the materials scanned in advance so as to read them on the computer

B. Ask helpers (1) for help with texts requiring high accuracy

2. Not being able to read handwriting and therefore have difficulty marking students' handwritten work and tests

A. Assign students work to be completed on the computer and handed in by email

B. Tests or work involving simple marking (e.g. the marking of MC and gap-filling questions) can be done by my helpers.

C. My helpers can type up students handwritten work on the computerD. Alternatively, for homework, students check their answers amongst themselves

3. Not being able to write on the board

A. Use the computer to type and show the words on a projector

B. Prepare PowerPoint slides in advance

C. Ask students to write on the board during in-class activities

4. Not being able to observe some students’behaviours

A. Constantly seeking responses from students

B. Assign group leaders to manage behaviour in each group

C. Devise a point system to encourage participation and desirable behaviours

5. Not being able to see students’body language


A. Ask students to clap their hands to show their preferences/choices

B. Ask students to address me instead of raising their hands when they want to talk to me in class

6. Not being able to read the seating plan in the classroom

A. Record students’names and their seating orders in my portable note taker

7. Navigating around the school and in the campus

A. A friend or a mobility instructor can help me familiarize myself with the environment of the campus

8. Students may have curiosity about blindness

A. Give brief introduction to blindness and the alternative methods I use in my daily life and teaching

B. Let students ask questions about blindness

(1) I can recruit paid helpers from universities. Volunteers from Hong Kong Blind Union can also serve as helpers.

I have encountered the above problems and tried out the solutions, which have proved workable during my teaching practicums and my teaching at CCC Kwei Wah Shan College.