To whom it may concern,

I am a registered language teacher of a secondary school in Hong Kong. I have known YAU Wai Lok Billy since year 2004 when we studied the Bachelor of Education (English Language) at The University of Hong Kong. The course of study is a tutorial based one, which means Billy, our classmates and I have everyday contact in all core lectures.

My classmates and I had experienced Billy’s teaching through micro-teaching. Micro-teaching is part of the assessment component for certain courses, such as Profession Studies and Strategies of Teaching English Literature. We execute various teaching strategies in a classroom setting and the audience peer-evaluate and comment on each other’s performance. The teaching style of Billy is very organized and his instructions are very easy to follow. His sense of humour together with his clear objectives of the lessons can always capture the attention of the audience. There was once everyone acted as students with special needs, for example ADHD, attention seeking, quiet and disruptive behaviour during Billy’s micro-teaching. To our surprise, Billy successfully drew our attention through a casual lead-in of his lesson. He chatted with us in the topic of the targeted learning objectives and required our responses by clapping hands or tapping the table. Our classmates and I were amazed by his innovative teaching approach and have almost forgotten that we were acting as students with special needs.

Having studied with Billy for four years, we have no hesitation on his ability to teaching in a classroom. His knowledge of English language, novel teaching strategies, sense of care for students and positive outlook of life can surely help alleviate different challenges in teaching. Likewise, I strongly believe that students will be enthused and inspired by the qualities of Billy’s teaching.

Yours faithfully,
Cheng Pui Sze