Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing for your reference about Mr. Billy YAU Wai Lok.

Billy has been my friend since we met in Sept 2004, our first year in the course of Bachelor of Education in Language Education at The University of Hong Kong. Even though he has his limitations in his visual ability, his independence can be revealed from his well taking care of himself and the others throughout

the four-year school life at the University. He led his coursemates during the lessons when there were micro-teaching sessions, discussions or problem-solving sessions.

In our second year, when we had immersion to Brisbane Australia, Billy took the role of leader taking ALL the coursemates to a hike on Fraser Island. He is always our role model especially he was very caring in wild camp, serving for people and counseling those who were home-sick.

I hereby recommend Billy teach independently in a classroom.

For further information, I can be contacted at xxxxx or email at xxxxx.

MING Sze Man (Ms)