To Whom It May Concern

All students in the Bachelor of Education programme of the University of Hong Kong are required to do teaching practice in their second, third and final years of studies. In Year 3, Billy Yau Wai Lok did his teaching practice at St. Paul’s College and in Year 4 he was assigned to HKUGA College. As one of his tutors, I was responsible for observing and evaluating Billy’s lessons.

In Year 3, I observed Billy once and in Year 4, I observed him twice. On all three occasions, I found Billy to be well-prepared and capable of carrying out his duties as a teacher. The objectives of his lesson were always clear and he made use of authentic materials and interesting activities to arouse and sustain the interest of his students. He provided plenty of opportunities for the students to speak in English and to interact among themselves and he was able to monitor and help the students throughout. His classroom management skills were satisfactory and his lessons all proceeded smoothly. In all of the lessons that I observed, Billy always had an encouraging and supportive manner which helped him to develop a good relationship with his students. They were generally cooperative, helpful and responded to Billy well. Overall he was able to develop a positive learning atmosphere in his classroom and had no difficulty in functioning as a normal teacher despite his visual impairment.

Billy is a friendly and very caring person. He is conscientious, enthusiastic, hard-working and always strives to do his best. He is not afraid of difficulties and challenges and always has an optimistic outlook on life. More importantly, he has great interest in teaching and really wants to be able to help his students. I strongly feel that his impairment should not deter him from becoming a good teacher. In fact it has actually made him more sensitive to his students’ needs. I am confident that with support from his colleagues, Billy should be able to develop into a competent teacher.

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact me at xxxxx.

Daisy Moh