To whom may concern,

My name is Jessica Cheng and I am writing in strong support of Mr. Yau. I have known Mr.Yau since the year of 2007, I met him in substitute class. He came to class with a lot of equipments. The class was surprise at first but his enthusiastic performance gave us a shock. He uses the USB equipments of the computer and screen which made him teach as quick as normal teacher does.

Mr.Yau has a really strong sense of hearing and touch. We clap our hands in order to answer questions. The class could get use to his learning style easily and had an active learning spirit. He continued to teach for another few months and the class had a great experience of learning. It is these reasons that it is my honor to recommend Mr.Yau to be an english teacher at your school.

Jessica Cheng (a student of Mr. Yau’s class 2007-08)